Defined by Media is a full service brand design studio that
specializes in developing and executiing compelling 
branded images for a variety of platforms and media formats.
the short & long of it
the difference
The Short Version.

Defined by Media, the independent studio of Graphic Designer and Creative Director Christopher Lehault, provides complete branding and design solutions for small, developing companies and individual projects across multiple platforms and media. Our aim is to ensure long–term consistency by centralizing a brand’s visual presence through a single studio. We work with our clients to create graphic solutions for their marketing initiatives that exceed industry standards while preserving a consistent brand image.

A Bit Longer.

Defined by Media was created in 2006 as a reaction to dynamic changes in the world of design and marketing. As various media streams widened (internet, online radio, parasitic marketing) and others narrowed (TV, magazines, guerilla marketing) we found that most design shops wvipped or overstaffed for the complex, cross-platform, brand development challenges ahead. dBM was created with the client in mind. Fueled by long term growth partnerships with our clients, we aim to work with companies that possess equal respect for both their product and their consumer. We believe that only through quality products, branding, and marketing can a company identify itself in the oversaturated marketplace.